I have a pseudonym!

…am I supposed to keep that a secret?

 I have now sent off my Flash Fiction to Writers’ Forum, after changing it to the first person (see yesterday’s post). While I was at it I figured I may as well send the piece off to  the Winchester Writers’ Festival Writing Competition.  They required a pseudonym.  I had a lot of fun thinking of names for myself. I finally settled on Hester Jones.  I have somewhat fallen in love with the name Hester. I imagine she is around 5,2″ with lots of freckles, Her hair is mousy brown and it hangs just below her chin. She wears sensible shoes and thick socks. Though she is small she is not meek. I think I will like being Hester Jones.



Always read the small print

I was just getting ready to send off my flash fiction when I decided to listened to that nagging voice which told me to recheck the specifications. After finally finding the correct magazine I was very thankful to that voice. I’d completely missed the fact that the piece is supposed to be first person. It shouldn’t be difficult to edit. It will probably work better that way.

Editing will be tomorrow’s task. I was so pleased with myself for getting the flash fiction finished before the due date. If I get it sent off tomorrow I will still be one day early.

Editing Down

I Spent today revising my flash fiction down from 900 to 500. The first 200 words were easy. it began to get a little trickier after that. I think I’m happy with the result. I’m not sure if the story is any good, but my husband liked it so that’s something.  My main motivation for submitting a piece of writing every month is not necessarily to get myself published, but form more habits and to lose some of the fear of sending off my work. Though winning a competition would be lovely.


First draft of my Flash Fiction

I don’t know if this is something unique to me, but I’m feeling more than a little embarrassed at taking so long to write a piece of flash fiction. I feel like I should just be able to hash out five hundred words and be done with it. five hundred words in a novel is barely a scene, I know I can write that amount in an hour and be relativity happy with it. I have always struggled with endings. I also really enjoy taking my time to get to know a character, dropping small hints and contradictions. With such a short I am having to be so much more concise.  I hope the more short stories I write the better my writing will get.  I’ve got to cut my flash fiction down from nine hundred. I don’t think that will be too tricky. I’m sure I have waffled on.

Having finished a draft of a story today I’m finding it difficult to get on with my novel. I’m just pretty darn pleased with myself. I want to leave the draft until at least tomorrow, just to give my brain a little space from it.

Today’s Word Count: 671

An Anniversary Post

Today is my third wedding anniversary. I’ve had a lovely day and I  am writing this as my husband is playing Dark Souls III, his anniversary present. It’s the first day I’ve felt relaxed in a couple of weeks. We played a game of Pandemic Legacy  and I had fun organising my brand new sewing box.

I did not put any pressure on myself to write today and as a result I managed to write a couple of hundred words of my Flash Fiction entry. I received my  issue of Writers’ Forum today so I can hopefully get on with the next on soon.

Today’s word count: 337


I’m a Happy Writer

So I am trying out a new App called Fabulous, it’s meant to help with motivation and forming positive habits. It worked for me today! Though I suppose that really isn’t the purpose of the app. I’ll see if it continues to work.

Anyway, I’m pleased with myself today because as well as tidying up a bit, making calls and ordering a certain husbands anniversary present, I also managed to get properly started on my next chapter. I was struggling to introduce a new character and so I spent a lot of yesterday re-reading all the scenes  with him in. I have now finally  introduced my second protagonist in a way I’m happy with.

I’ve also written the first paragraph of my flash fiction entry, due at the end of the month.

Today’s Word Count: 605 words



Today I worked more on the flash fiction. I was looking at the location of an ice rink, as set forth by the rules of this month writers forum. My mum loved Granby Halls, she used to go roller skating all the time.

Looking into the history of the place it turns out it was built with a second hall, the Empress Hall, which originally served as an ice rink. The old place eventually got demolished in 1999. I was only eleven.

When looking at the sport I came across a few photos of awesome women from the 60’s. Time travel may well be an aspect in my story.




I only wrote a few key sentences of my story today so all together my word count is around 200


A Witch an Ice Rink and a Time Capsule

I’m going to give this Flash Fiction Competition another go. I’m not leaving this one to the last minute. This months entry is due on 29th April. I could attempt the one before that, but i don’t do well with pressure.

The theme is Keep it Light and the plot has to be taken from the Fiction Square in this months copy. Roll two dice for characters, two for traits, one for the conflict, one for the location and a final one for an object.

I ended up with a  reluctant witch and a foolish skater at an Ice rink. One or both of them have suffered a loss and are in search of a time capsule. I’m looking forward to playing about with a light hearted plot as I tend to lean towards the darker aspects of fiction.

I’ve written out a rough plot. I like my characters, particularly the witch.  Fingers crossed I will actually submit this one.

Today’s word count, including the plot is: 270 words

I Forgot about The Deadline

Today has been a pretty good writing day. I was really struggling to write a flash fiction about a person with mental illness under the given specifications Writers’ Forum gave (no internal thoughts, past tense and third person) I gave up on that piece for now. I rethought the brief. The location they give is a hair salon, it didn’t particularly inspire me.  Eventually I decided to go for two sisters having their hair done on the morning of a wedding. The photo is my sister helping me get ready on the morning of my wedding.

Feeling very chuffed with myself and the far more satisfying plot I then looked at the deadline. Noon. Tomorrow.

The reason I am attempting to submit a piece of writing each month is to get some motivation, routine and to also stop the idea being so scary.  I could finish it tonight, but this would mean disrupting my routine I have tried really hard to maintain. I highly doubt I will be happy with the result.

My solution, write the story in my own damn time and ignore the deadline.

Today’s word count: 597