Sewing and blogging

Just a little blog post today as it's been a very good but exhausting. I had a great day out at a blogger's meet up hosted by Sew Essential. It was so much fun! I started a sweet little embroidery project and had a lovely time chatting with fellow stitcher's. I will have to rest … Continue reading Sewing and blogging

Almost there…

Today's word count is not bad at all. I ended up writing far more on my Today I Made... post than I've ever written before. I did not manage to go through the whole of the printed novel today as I anticipated I would yesterday. however I did get through two chapters. There are lots of … Continue reading Almost there…

Only Cheating a Little

It's been another revision day. I'm still scribbling through the first part of my novel trying to get all the characters and aspects of the world solid in my head. There's nothing that annoys me more than in-continuity. So yes, not much actual writing today but I didn't include Saturdays Today I Made... post in yesterdays … Continue reading Only Cheating a Little

First Part Printed Out! (also cupcakes)

List of awesome things I did today: Baked delicious lemon cupcakes Made a Fifi Top out of gorgeous swallow print fabric (I'll show it off in this Sunday's Today I Made...) Finished the revised draft of the first part of my novel. BOOM!   Very productive good day, I can't wait to go through this … Continue reading First Part Printed Out! (also cupcakes)

Because want to wear pretty clothes when I write

Today I finished off my gorgeous Jersey tank top! It's soft and comfortable, the perfect top to sit in the park on a summers day with a notebook and pen. Unfortunately it is bloody freezing so that will not be the case for some time. if you want to learn more I wrote all about … Continue reading Because want to wear pretty clothes when I write

An Ill-fated Attempt to Document My Writing Habits

I have been writing a blog for a little while now called Today I Made...  it's all about recovering from my various mental  health issues.  Writing my achievements down really helps with my recovery and keeps me grounded in the here and now. It's with some trepidation that I begin this new blog in which I … Continue reading An Ill-fated Attempt to Document My Writing Habits