My synopsis is falling into place

IĀ think I've managed to craft some sort of synopsis. It makes a lot more sense than any previous drafts. Ideally I'd finish this revision of my novel before trying to get this done. However, as I want to send off my novel for a couple of competitions at the end of the month, it's just … Continue reading My synopsis is falling into place

Synopsis planning with sticky notes

I actually played about with this last night and jotted down the resulting draft of my synopsis. It doesn't really relate to my novel in any meaningful way. Needless to say there will be subsequent drafts. I used Strathy's method, which would have worked very well if I put a lot more thought into it … Continue reading Synopsis planning with sticky notes

No Synopsis, but a Hero’s Journey

Once upon a time, I used to think authors sprung into life fully formed. They producedĀ a novel without advice or influence from another living being. In my teens, I was steadfastly stubborn. I did not want books or official teaching on writing. I assumed it would somehow cheapen the 'magical' experience of writing a novel. … Continue reading No Synopsis, but a Hero’s Journey