Asthma has caught up with me once again so this will only a short post. I'm a little bit emotional and nostalgic as I finished the first draft of my DD submission. Considering the deadline is this sunday the final draft will come very quickly. It came together in an unexpected way. As it was … Continue reading Nostalgia

Woot Woot!

I believe in my last post I spoke about submitting a piece to Dear Damsels! Well....It got accepted!!!!!! I haven't submitted all that much work to magazines or competitions, due to a mix of self doubt and perfectionism. however I was happy with this piece I wrote so thought i'd give it a go. I … Continue reading Woot Woot!

Hello World?

Or rather my tiny part of the internet. Just a little post to congratulate myself on submitting a piece to Dear Damsels. I think the hardest part was the biography. Rebekah is an aspiring novelist living with her husband and two cats in the east midlands. When she’s not writing you’ll find her at a … Continue reading Hello World?