More Pie Charts for you!


Managed to go through another couple of chapters today, in-between pilates and my sister visiting with my adorable niece!

image (8)
Characters Present in the First six Chapters
image (9)
Characters Present and Mentioned in the First Six Chapters



I’m now on page of the eighty out of one hundred and fifty one. If that were a pie chart it would look like this:

image (7)

At this point I am really not entirely sure what I’m doing but it is my hope this will be incredibly useful and future me will be incredibly smug. Also with future revisions I can make a copies of the original tables. I’m not sure I’ll get a chance to do much writing tomorrow as it’s Story and Rhyme time in the morning and Crafty in the afternoon. Hopefully I will get through the rest of the first part of my novel by the end of the week. I’m very much looking forward to getting back on with writing the second part.


The Lobsters of Social Media

Today’s work on my novel was cursory at best,  just a little bit of shifting around, I’m trying not to become too embarrassed at my clumsy first draft. Wednesdays are always busy. Story & Rhyme time in the morning and Crafty in the afternoon. We have got a load of really nice fabrics in today which needed to be bolted, I fell in love with the lobster print and made it the fabric of the week. I did a bit of publicity and advertising for the shop, I’m counting those little snippets of text as my writing today.

Today’s wordcount: around 350 words


The days have been way too full recently. Story and Rhyme time this morning, afternoon at Crafty Sew & So, then Zumba in the evening. I only managed half of Zumba because my asthma acted up after half an hour.

I did a very small amount of revising  a set of instructions at Crafty, but words are words. Thursday is usually the day I try to get my writing done but I’ve got a check up with the dentist. if all goes well I should still be able to write in the afternoon. If not I will be a bundle of nerves and lucky if I have the motivation to do anything.

Wish me luck!

Word count for today: 165 words

Words Are Words

Today’s been a rather busy day. I ran Story & Rhyme Time this morning, for 0 – 5 year old’s.  In the past we’ve had over ten kids in the session but today only three turned up. considering we haven’t done any advertising since the sessions started a few months back it’s not entirely unexpected.

After the session I went on to work on the well over due advertising. I completely redesigned the poster and set up a Facebook Page before heading off to Crafty Sew & So. At Crafty there was yet more talk of social media!

Total Word Count, only 170 words  – like I said words are words