I lied

Despite my best intentions, I ended up editing bits of the first scene. Though I mostly added and only took away a few words so I'm going to say it's just fine. This afternoon I started making a circle skirt out of gorgeous satin, then drafted up a post to show off my make, it will … Continue reading I lied

Positive Coping Mechanisms Ahoy!

Today feels better than yesterday. I survived social pressures of the dedication service and managed to leave relatively unscathed by well meaning relatives. I find it increasingly difficult to reply to the question how are you. particularly when i am not doing great. I tend to reply with a non-specific, 'I'm doing ok thanks.' It's … Continue reading Positive Coping Mechanisms Ahoy!

A Good Writing Day

All the hard work planning the other day paid off. today I had the house to myself and decided to have a writing day. I have managed to¬†write three and a half scenes today. ūüôā It feels really ¬†good to have a proper writing day. there's a vague possibility¬†I will actually get my novel to … Continue reading A Good Writing Day

An Anniversary Post

Today is my third wedding anniversary. I've had a lovely day and I ¬†am writing this as my husband is playing Dark Souls III, his anniversary present. It's the first day I've felt relaxed in a couple of weeks. We played a game of Pandemic Legacy¬†¬†and I had fun organising¬†my brand new sewing box. I … Continue reading An Anniversary Post

Because want to wear pretty clothes when I write

Today I finished off my gorgeous Jersey tank top! It's soft and comfortable, the perfect top to sit in the park on a summers day with a notebook and pen. Unfortunately it is bloody freezing so that will not be the case for some time. if you want to learn more I wrote all about … Continue reading Because want to wear pretty clothes when I write