Writing Through The Asthma

I am once again on antibiotics for a chest infection and steroids for my asthma. This is my morning lot of medication.


However, I have been able to work a fair bit on my novel. I’ve made a little rewards chart for wordcount goal I reach.  For the first 2100 words, I get a little reward for every 100 words. including, sharpening new pencils, buying a pack of Veggie Percy Pigs and having a bubble bath with scented candles. After that it’s rewards after every 200 words, then every 300 words. That should get me up to 10,000 words of my revised draft by new years.

20170919_151936 (1)

As most of my ‘writing’ is editing and making small adjustments I am using strikethrough instead of deleting so I can count my cutting as writing!

Today’s Wordcount: 618

This week’s word count: 1119


A Bit Of A Catch Up

I am slowly returning to the world of the living. Despite spending the majority of the day either coughing or sneezing my brain is creaking into gear. I’m continuing to write down descriptions of locations using sound, sight, smell, taste and feel.  Since I last updated I’ve written seven locations, 1133 words.

Today’s Word Count 521

Using The Research

So I finished off my location research today and started writing a brief description for each. So far I’ve written two and am half way through the third. I think once I’ve done the locations I’m going to write a solid description for each character.

Just a few of my favourite images

Today’s Wordcount 273

Creating Order From Chaos

It only actually took about and hour and a half to compile a solid plot outline from the numerous scene breakdowns I’ve written over the past year or so.

Feeling happily confident I can get back on with writing now. I’ll extract the good parts of previous drafts, revise and redraft until I’m somewhat content.


Today’s wordcount 369


Renewing Those Forgotten Goals

There was a plan to have finished revising my novel by Christmas. I’m still lingering somewhere around the 15000-word mark. Any writing I’ve been doing has been blogging for Crafty Sew & So.

Delving into sewing projects leaves very little time to write. It’s incredibly satisfying completing projects, then parading about the place in my wears. Having a tactile thing to hold for my hard work is a world away from sitting at my computer screen or scribbling in a notebook.

So I am determined to chisel out that time for writing again and renew my efforts to documents said writing in this blog. but tonight I’m going to settle down with my

However, tonight I’m going to settle down with my cats, a cup o’ tea and a couple of homemade biscuits.


Today’s wordcount, around 150 words


My synopsis is falling into place

I think I’ve managed to craft some sort of synopsis. It makes a lot more sense than any previous drafts. Ideally I’d finish this revision of my novel before trying to get this done. However, as I want to send off my novel for a couple of competitions at the end of the month, it’s just not possible. The requirements are the first few chapters and a synopsis.

It is no longer in sticky note form but written down in my current novel notebook. I find I like hand writing plans, it takes more time and gives me more time to think about what I’m putting down.

I’ll be at the shop for the next couple of days so probably won’t get much writing done. I will be bringing a few notebooks about with me

Today’s word count: 350

Boom! Wrote more of my novel today

I got up nice and early to go to pilates at the local Memorial Hall. it was lovely and not too intense, probably due to the fact I was the youngest there by about thirty years. Though the more experienced ladies there did put me to shame with their core strength. After crashing out a little I got on with writing. Hidden away in my nook with no distractions I managed to revise  another bit I wasn’t happy with. I had lots of fun imbuing a character with personality.

I forced myself to stop writing when my alarm went off. I have a routine that I have to stick to, not rigidly, but I can’t completely ignore it. The way I stick with my routine is through alarms on my phone. The alarms are more important to remind me to take breaks than to start tasks. I find I can become obsessed with things, be it sewing or writing. If I become too involved in a task it becomes unhealthy and isolating. There may come a time when I can tell when the right time to stop is, but for now the alarms take that place.


I am hopeful the next time I get an hour or so to write I will finish this part of my novel. I’m really looking forward to printing it out. Nothing beats having physical proof of all my hard work.



Todays Word Count:  around 700 words