YES! done done done

After not meeting my expectations yesterday, I lowered them for today's work, and as if by magic I finished going through the first part of my novel. I'm delighted with myself. I'm hoping to do this as I go along for the next parts of my novel to save the deadening sensation of staring at … Continue reading YES! done done done

Almost there…

Today's word count is not bad at all. I ended up writing far more on my Today I Made... post than I've ever written before. I did not manage to go through the whole of the printed novel today as I anticipated I would yesterday. however I did get through two chapters. There are lots of … Continue reading Almost there…

Erm…one page edited today

Yes, so I only went through one page of my novel last night and today I went through one whole new page today. However last night I did draw an illustration of the page I edited. Now I not an artist, I only occasionally dapple in sketching, I do enjoy it a lot though, particularly when I … Continue reading Erm…one page edited today

More Pie Charts for you!

  Managed to go through another couple of chapters today, in-between pilates and my sister visiting with my adorable niece!     I'm now on page of the eighty out of one hundred and fifty one. If that were a pie chart it would look like this: At this point I am really not entirely … Continue reading More Pie Charts for you!

All of the Charts!

I just love a good spreadsheet, but you know what I love more than a spreadsheet? A Pie Chart! Today I embarked up the noble task of analysing my novel to within an inch 0f its creative life. I've always needed a good visual for me to understand something properly. The steady methodical charting of characters, settings … Continue reading All of the Charts!