Just A Little Writing

I woke up several times in the night with a swollen throat and the beginnings of migraine. 

The migraine hit in full force this morning. I didn’t manage to get out of bed until around one in the afternoon. I scribbled a few words down, but I don’t know if they’ll even make it into my novel. 

Today’s wordcount: 130


My body forced me to rest today

Although I’m very proud of all the things I managed to do in the past few days, it turns out I may well have been pushing myself too hard.  I got up early and finished off a tray-bake for the shop, then headed off into town. I had a nagging headache but I assumed it would leave through the day. When I got into the shop I had to run to the toilet in order to throw up. My neck ached like hell and I was shivering. It was a migraine like I’d never had before. My lovely husband picked me up and I spent a good couple of hours tucked away in the back room with the blinds down. I’m feeling a bit better now but the screen is begining to wobble as I type. No more writing for me today.

Total word count: 145 words