Keep on Writing

Again didn’t get a chance to post yesterday. Asthma struck again. In the morning I kept on working on my Novel. I’m hoping one day soon I’ll  be able to write a thousand words or so in a sitting like I did in my first draft. I miss that freedom.

Writing group last night was pretty fun. I read out my piece, The Golden Library, and received positive feedback. Although I was told to cut out the adverb effortlessly, which I think might be fair enough. I’ll have to take another look to see how I can get the message across without it.

I also read out a piece I found from a while ago which described having an asthma attack. It made everyone in the group feel short of breath. I’m hoping to write it up today.

Yesterday’s Wordcount: 303


Why do I avoid Writing?

Today I wrote the second scene in a chapter. It’s far from perfect but I’m relatively happy with it. I still need to get to know this character a little more to be happy with the writing.  I’ve got the substance done now, it’s just the style I want to work on. I find it incredibly difficult to leave a section alone. However I know if I keep trying to edit throughout this draft I will never actually have a completed novel.

That being said, I managed to spend most of the day avoiding writing. I even sent boring work emails and tidied before sitting down at my computer. It was six o’clock by the time I actually began writing. I honestly do not understand why my brain does this to me. I love writing, I hate tidying.

In reality there is a simple explanation.

I feel pressure to write.

Because I feel pressure I will avoid thinking about writing and hope the words will magically appear

Avoidance can only last so long.

The end of the day nears and words I realise the words have not magically appeared.

I feel guilty and tired. I then avoid thinking about my novel some more.

Today I managed to break that cycle by actually writing before it got too late. it feels good to have gotten a little down. It would be a lot easier if I could have done this earlier in the day. It’s pretty exhausted avoiding things all day. It makes my stomach hurt.

I have been a little wobbly over the past couple of days and every little ‘failure’ has felt overwhelming.  I did not go into work today. The day in has helped me feel a little more centred and in control. Handily I received my Buddy Box the other day which has lots of lovely helpful bits in it. Also a couple of friends have sent me really lovely messages.

Thanks for reading, it helps me feel less alone.

 Today’s Word count: 674

Sewing and blogging

Just a little blog post today as it’s been a very good but exhausting. I had a great day out at a blogger’s meet up hosted by Sew Essential. It was so much fun! I started a sweet little embroidery project and had a lovely time chatting with fellow stitcher’s. I will have to rest for a very long time after this hectic week. I wrote my other blog today, and that’s it.


Today’s Word count : 116



Something is going on with my anxiety today. Things are just a bit more difficult than they should be. Town was incredibly busy today and it felt as though everyone was a threat.

No writing today, just anxiety. Flowy was a bit of a life saver tonight. I’ve no idea what  tomorrow will bring.


The image is from Natalie Dee, check out more of her comics

I’m a Happy Writer

So I am trying out a new App called Fabulous, it’s meant to help with motivation and forming positive habits. It worked for me today! Though I suppose that really isn’t the purpose of the app. I’ll see if it continues to work.

Anyway, I’m pleased with myself today because as well as tidying up a bit, making calls and ordering a certain husbands anniversary present, I also managed to get properly started on my next chapter. I was struggling to introduce a new character and so I spent a lot of yesterday re-reading all the scenes  with him in. I have now finally  introduced my second protagonist in a way I’m happy with.

I’ve also written the first paragraph of my flash fiction entry, due at the end of the month.

Today’s Word Count: 605 words



Today I worked more on the flash fiction. I was looking at the location of an ice rink, as set forth by the rules of this month writers forum. My mum loved Granby Halls, she used to go roller skating all the time.

Looking into the history of the place it turns out it was built with a second hall, the Empress Hall, which originally served as an ice rink. The old place eventually got demolished in 1999. I was only eleven.

When looking at the sport I came across a few photos of awesome women from the 60’s. Time travel may well be an aspect in my story.




I only wrote a few key sentences of my story today so all together my word count is around 200


The Lobsters of Social Media

Today’s work on my novel was cursory at best,  just a little bit of shifting around, I’m trying not to become too embarrassed at my clumsy first draft. Wednesdays are always busy. Story & Rhyme time in the morning and Crafty in the afternoon. We have got a load of really nice fabrics in today which needed to be bolted, I fell in love with the lobster print and made it the fabric of the week. I did a bit of publicity and advertising for the shop, I’m counting those little snippets of text as my writing today.

Today’s wordcount: around 350 words

Today I Crushed the Patriarchy

On the bus ride home from Crafty there where two obnoxious men (I later learned they where thirty) making themselves the centre of attention. I heard choice lines, over my music, such as ‘Sixteen? Legal, that’s perfect’ and ‘which one of you is the good one and which is the naughty one.’ I was feeling uncomfortable but the young girls seemed happy enough and where in a group.

It was when one of the men sat far too close to a young woman a couple of seats in front of me, who was alone on the bus. He was asking for her details she was running out of ways to say no. His face was way to close to hers.

I didn’t actually think before I acted, if I did I probably would have talked myself out of it. I made the man move out of the seat and sat next to the nineteen year old woman. I checked whether it was okay for me to be interfering and she said ‘please, carry on,’.  The man called me a lesbian, humourless, boring and worst of all a feminist!

I stayed on until the woman got off the bus. She told me she didn’t mind until he practically sat on her and asked for her last name.  I told the driver about the two men and the sixteen year old girls upstairs.

I walked back home and called my husband feeling very proud of myself. Slightly crashed out from the adrenalin of it all now.

Yesterday I was feeling a little low so I didn’t get much of anything done, but today I feel brilliant! My word count is this post plus the editing for Crafty Sew & So.

Today’s word count: about 400 words

Now lets all dance to Beyonce and listen to the wise words of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie



The days have been way too full recently. Story and Rhyme time this morning, afternoon at Crafty Sew & So, then Zumba in the evening. I only managed half of Zumba because my asthma acted up after half an hour.

I did a very small amount of revising  a set of instructions at Crafty, but words are words. Thursday is usually the day I try to get my writing done but I’ve got a check up with the dentist. if all goes well I should still be able to write in the afternoon. If not I will be a bundle of nerves and lucky if I have the motivation to do anything.

Wish me luck!

Word count for today: 165 words

Tea And Pastry Helps

Sneaked in some writing in the morning. I arrived a little earlier in town, after sitting in the cold for ten minutes attempting to write, I went to the lovely Gelato Village. I sat in the warm cosy cafe with a cup of tea and yummy pastry.  When in the warm I thought up a plot which I am happy with and wrote a bit more of the story.


Today’s word count: 150 words