Better Late Than Never?

It was shocking that this happened to begin with. It was ridicules that the BBC defended the use of the word. It took the resignation of a young black man, David Whitley (AKA DJ sideman), and thousands of complaints for the higher ups at the BBC to realise that it is not okay to use … Continue reading Better Late Than Never?

When Asthma Ruins Plans

The cold winds are not kind to my lungs. Yesterday I had a mild asthma attack. I am shattered. The promise of seeing my best friend was the only thing that dragged me out of bed today. Earlier I sat down to try and do a bit of writing. After writing then deleting several sentences … Continue reading When Asthma Ruins Plans

Things Are Just A Little Bit More Difficult

My husband has been ill with an undiagnosed stomach issue for coming up to two years now. We have seen many doctors and had umpteen tests. none of which have been able to shed any light on what is actually making him ill. The most frustrating aspect of this illness is the unpredictability. it is … Continue reading Things Are Just A Little Bit More Difficult