I have a friend who wonderfully talented and supportive. One of those people who are good at most things. Apart from getting in touch, I'm for sure better at that. They also read this Often times I feel a bit like an amorphous blob when I think about all the things they have accomplished. … Continue reading Retreating

Literally Nothing

Not a single word put on paper, or screen, up until this point. My brain is well and truly frazzled. I was sorely tempted not to write a post. However, this blog is meant to keep an honest account of my writing. Today I spent the morning playing a wonderful¬†game of Arkham Horror with my … Continue reading Literally Nothing

Why do I avoid Writing?

Today I wrote the second scene in a chapter. It's far from perfect but I'm relatively happy with it. I still need to get to know this character a little more to be happy with the writing. ¬†I've got the substance done now, it's just the style I want to work on. I find it … Continue reading Why do I avoid Writing?