The Hook?

Back to writing group tonight. The homework this week was to write a ‘hook’. I am supposed to make the reader irresistibly hooked within the first couple of sentences. The tutor told said to make it as shocking as we wanted.

I am being ever so brave and bringing in the first paragraph of my novel. I fiddled with it a bit today and swapped scenes around to have the reader jump straight into the action.

Wish me luck

Today’s Word-count: 142


If only my body would work

I finished the lovely little post for Crafty Sew & So’s blog, to be published on Sunday. I’m feeling pretty drained today. My Asthma acted up last night, quite badly, and so today my throat and chest have been aching all day. Kick boxing, although fun, includes a lot of cardio which my lungs do not like.  I’m going to try and go through a little more of my printed out novel tonight but I don’t hold very high hopes.

The problem with asthma (beside not being able to breathe)  is the exhaustion. The lack of oxygen completely drains my body of all energy.

I rather think it’s a good thing I’m an author and not an athlete!

Today’s word count: 250 words