Easy does it

Today was a little calmer. I’m still without my laptop and it’s more than a little infuriating. My mum’s very kindly loaned me some money and I ordered a shiney new laptop a couple hours ago. 

Today I wrote a little post about a quilt I made for my niece’s second birthday. Actual numbers are less than accurate as the mobile app does not display a wordcount. 

Today’s approximate wordcount: 308


A Newsletter 

Today was a work day, so pretty difficult to write anything creative. However, I did put out a newsletter for Crafty Sew & So. I forgot to check the word count but I reckon it was around 500 words.

The co-owner, who’s been away on maternity leave, came in for a quick craft session with her baby. Whilst she finished off some adorable baby leggings I had a lovely snug with her daughter. It was a strange glimpse into my future,  a baby wrapped in a sling about me, the rhythm of typing mixed with the sound sweet sleepy murders.

Todays Wordcount: Roughly 600 words

Sewing and blogging

Just a little blog post today as it’s been a very good but exhausting. I had a great day out at a blogger’s meet up hosted by Sew Essential. It was so much fun! I started a sweet little embroidery project and had a lovely time chatting with fellow stitcher’s. I will have to rest for a very long time after this hectic week. I wrote my other blog today, and that’s it.


Today’s Word count : 116



I only wrote the first couple of sentences of a chapter today. I’m finding it very difficult to get started again. The screen hurts my eyes.

Yesterday  we did the first stock take at Crafty. I spent the day counting buttons. It all sounds very fun, but after the first five tubes or so my head started to hurt. It hasn’t stopped hurting.  My routine has still not settled back into place. I was in work on Tuesday and not today. I feel somewhat all over the place. One step at a time though right?

Two sentences is better than nothing.

Today’s Word count: 170

The picture of buttons is from the very talented artist Mike Savad, click on the link to see more of his work

Disrupted Routine.

I am a creature of habit, or perhaps more accurately, habit and routine are important aspects of my recovery. The times in my life when my routine is disrupted, inevitably lead to heightened anxiety.

That has not changed through my recovery. What has changed is the way I deal with that anxiety. I now know that the worst thing I can do is isolate myself by hiding my feelings, either by throwing myself into a project or sitting for hours (or even days) in front on the TV blocking out all thoughts, negative or positive.

The biggest struggle I have is recognising the difference between being anxious and stressed, due to a situation, and slipping back into depression. I keep having to remind myself that it is a perfectly normal to feel negative emotions and it does not mean that I am slipping.

With that in mind I am not going to give myself a hard time about missing out a few days of writing and posting. I can and will get my routine back on track.

Today I wrote the Crafty Sew & So blog post which will be published tomorrow morning. On Sunday I plan to get stuck back into my novel. Even if it’s just for an hour.

Wish me luck.

Today’s word count: 389

If only my body would work

I finished the lovely little post for Crafty Sew & So’s blog, to be published on Sunday. I’m feeling pretty drained today. My Asthma acted up last night, quite badly, and so today my throat and chest have been aching all day. Kick boxing, although fun, includes a lot of cardio which my lungs do not like.  I’m going to try and go through a little more of my printed out novel tonight but I don’t hold very high hopes.

The problem with asthma (beside not being able to breathe)  is the exhaustion. The lack of oxygen completely drains my body of all energy.

I rather think it’s a good thing I’m an author and not an athlete!

Today’s word count: 250 words

We are Super heroes

Today at Crafty Freya and I had a wonderful time thinking up a story about two women, who happened to be called Rebekah and Freya, becoming superheroes after learning kick boxing together.  Freya then became my arch nemesis.

I loved the story so much I couldn’t help but write it down when I got in.I thought  the only medium it can be portrayed is graphic novel. The only problem is I can’t draw. Nevertheless I gave it my best shot and I’m still very happy with my little stick figures and the eventual story that came out of it.



Today’s Word Count: around 400 words

The Lobsters of Social Media

Today’s work on my novel was cursory at best,  just a little bit of shifting around, I’m trying not to become too embarrassed at my clumsy first draft. Wednesdays are always busy. Story & Rhyme time in the morning and Crafty in the afternoon. We have got a load of really nice fabrics in today which needed to be bolted, I fell in love with the lobster print and made it the fabric of the week. I did a bit of publicity and advertising for the shop, I’m counting those little snippets of text as my writing today.

Today’s wordcount: around 350 words

Today I Crushed the Patriarchy

On the bus ride home from Crafty there where two obnoxious men (I later learned they where thirty) making themselves the centre of attention. I heard choice lines, over my music, such as ‘Sixteen? Legal, that’s perfect’ and ‘which one of you is the good one and which is the naughty one.’ I was feeling uncomfortable but the young girls seemed happy enough and where in a group.

It was when one of the men sat far too close to a young woman a couple of seats in front of me, who was alone on the bus. He was asking for her details she was running out of ways to say no. His face was way to close to hers.

I didn’t actually think before I acted, if I did I probably would have talked myself out of it. I made the man move out of the seat and sat next to the nineteen year old woman. I checked whether it was okay for me to be interfering and she said ‘please, carry on,’.  The man called me a lesbian, humourless, boring and worst of all a feminist!

I stayed on until the woman got off the bus. She told me she didn’t mind until he practically sat on her and asked for her last name.  I told the driver about the two men and the sixteen year old girls upstairs.

I walked back home and called my husband feeling very proud of myself. Slightly crashed out from the adrenalin of it all now.

Yesterday I was feeling a little low so I didn’t get much of anything done, but today I feel brilliant! My word count is this post plus the editing for Crafty Sew & So.

Today’s word count: about 400 words

Now lets all dance to Beyonce and listen to the wise words of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie