I lied

Despite my best intentions, I ended up editing bits of the first scene. Though I mostly added and only took away a few words so I’m going to say it’s just fine.

This afternoon I started making a circle skirt out of gorgeous satin, then drafted up a post to show off my make, it will appear at some point along the line.


Word count: 191


Technically I Wrote Nothing Today

Today has been pretty craft heavy. I’ve practically finished a top, my very first make out of jersey fabric.  I’ll be modelling it on my post for Today I Made…  on Sunday. I’be been doing some lovely hand stitching in front of the TV for my hexie quilt.

My one concession to writing today was mostly cutting and pasting. I’m currently revising my novel and today I was extracting the half decent sections from earlier drafts and stuffing them into my latest rendition.