Getting My Writing Mojo Back

Whether it's a tempory high or a sign that this current  haze of anxiety and depression is passing, my motivation is back with a vengeance.  There are lists upon lists of things I want to write, make and fix. One terrifying task looming on the horizon is the dreaded driving test.  I am straddling the … Continue reading Getting My Writing Mojo Back

First draft of my Flash Fiction

I don't know if this is something unique to me, but I'm feeling more than a little embarrassed at taking so long to write a piece of flash fiction. I feel like I should just be able to hash out five hundred words and be done with it. five hundred words in a novel is … Continue reading First draft of my Flash Fiction

Slow and Steady

I have discovered I don't do well with short deadlines. I need a story to ruminate. The characters have to grow into themselves. Thankfully due to a typo in Writers' Forum, I was given an extra month to write my flash fiction. I've practically finished it now, just a few tidying up bits. Today's Word … Continue reading Slow and Steady


Today I worked more on the flash fiction. I was looking at the location of an ice rink, as set forth by the rules of this month writers forum. My mum loved Granby Halls, she used to go roller skating all the time. Looking into the history of the place it turns out it was built with … Continue reading Research

A Witch an Ice Rink and a Time Capsule

I'm going to give this Flash Fiction Competition another go. I'm not leaving this one to the last minute. This months entry is due on 29th April. I could attempt the one before that, but i don't do well with pressure. The theme is Keep it Light and the plot has to be taken from the Fiction Square … Continue reading A Witch an Ice Rink and a Time Capsule