The past few days i've been rearranging my schedule, the previous one just wasn't working for me anymore. Its only day one so we shall see but I'm feeling positive. Migraine struck again, probably something to do with the change in pressure. this time it only lasted nine hours so I'm not super sure I … Continue reading Dabble?

Scene Structure

I'm still in that steroid induced haze of hot flushes and headaches that follows any severe episode of asthma. It's hard to keep thoughts straight. Today I worked on the structure of four scenes, following a guide in On Editing by Helen Corner-Bryant and Kathryn Price. Brief scene settingEstablishing characters goalAction, dialogue or interaction leading … Continue reading Scene Structure

So Many Pieces Of Paper

I've been trying to figure out where on earth I am in my novel, at this point there are so many revisions it's a bit terrifying to delve back in. I think I have somewhat managed to puzzle the versions apart. Now it's time to un-pick exactly which plot line I am following. Sticky notes, … Continue reading So Many Pieces Of Paper

A Good Writing Day

All the hard work planning the other day paid off. today I had the house to myself and decided to have a writing day. I have managed to¬†write three and a half scenes today. ūüôā It feels really ¬†good to have a proper writing day. there's a vague possibility¬†I will actually get my novel to … Continue reading A Good Writing Day

Always read the small print

I was just getting ready to send off my flash fiction when I decided to listened to that nagging voice which told me to recheck the specifications. After finally finding the correct magazine I was very thankful to that voice. I'd completely missed the fact that the piece is supposed to be first person. It … Continue reading Always read the small print

Editing Down

I Spent today revising my flash fiction down from 900 to 500. The first 200 words were easy. it began to get a little trickier after that. I think I'm happy with the result. I'm not sure if the story is any good, but my husband liked it so that's something. ¬†My main motivation for … Continue reading Editing Down

Chiselling Through the Second Part of my Novel

Here we go, after much procrastination, I sat myself down at the computer and opened up Scrivener. I was determined to get started on the next part of my novel. The point of view changes in the second part and I am, in essence, rewriting this massive chunk from another perspective. With the greatest of … Continue reading Chiselling Through the Second Part of my Novel

Almost there…

Today's word count is not bad at all. I ended up writing far more on my Today I Made... post¬†than I've ever written before. I did not manage to go through the whole of the printed novel today as I anticipated I would yesterday. however I did get through two chapters. There are lots of … Continue reading Almost there…

Erm…one page edited today

Yes, so I only went through one page of my novel last night and today I went through one whole new page today. However last night I¬†did draw an illustration of the page I edited. Now I not an artist, I only occasionally dapple in sketching, I do enjoy it a lot though, particularly¬†when I … Continue reading Erm…one page edited today