Character Sheets in Campfire Blaze

Today I have been attempting to get to grips with Campfire Blaze, a writing programme I’ve recently discovered. There are a lot of moving parts but it seems like it will be particularly useful for magic systems, character development and important plot points. Now should I have been working on my novel by simply writing more words? Yes, but it’s more fun and less pressure to play around with a new writing system. Below is the layout for magic systems, Blaze has similar pages for Items, cultures, religions, even species! Oh and a encyclopaedia for all those new fantastical words.

The tracking is neat and easy to understand, below is my pie chart from earlier on today. That’s just the word count though, it also breaks work down into time spent and different elements worked on. The character sheets are so detailed, down to personality types, leadership skills, sexuality, gender, skills, hobbies and habits. I know this is my little ADHD brain jumping onto a new and fun resource, but literally anything to get me writing again will be helpful.

Thanks for reading folks, wear a mask, wash your hands, stay safe if you can

Today I wrote 666 words

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