Journaling From Wales Part II

There’s only a few entries left, a lot of my energies spent fighting off a tooth infection. It’s all settled now but it really knocked me out.

Tuesday 18th June

We took and evening walk, the sun staying up well past returning. We ventured across steep fields, sturdy as mountain goats in walking boots. My ankles are suffering for it today. Lambs and sheep owned those fields, some so young their legs wobbled to walk, older siblings kept the little ones safe in a white fluffy circle. Maybe the odd hare was permitted in the woodier areas, but really, there was more white than green. Those sheep loathed us being there. lambs called for their mothers as we grew close. al skittering away, most annoyed when we chose to follow. The gentle brook by the cottage opened up to a wide clear river. We sat beside it, a cool breeze and fierce sun. Tracing the hedgerow and broken stone wall we travelled home, bluebells and stitchwort lined track back alongside the occasional foxglove or stinging nettle.

Wednesday 19th June

The sky flits from grey to white to blue and back again. Dark clouds bubbling up in all directions before being blown away to some other holiday cottage. My gum is swollen and painful, eating is a chore. I’ve spent most of the day in bed with only the odd burst of energy for a spot of drawing or sitting at the table with a cup of tea cradled in my hands. I called the dentist from a strange yellowed payphone in the hall, cross-legged leaning against a chair. It screamed at me the whole time, I added more money in a vain hope it would stop it’s shrill wail. The receptionist understood me enough to book an appointment for Monday. It’s a relief, if it were any earlier we’d be travelling home tonight. Thursday and Friday promise winds of 65mph, the kind of wind that knocks down trees and pulls cars off the road. Part of me is relishing the excuse to snuggling up and hunkering down while the storm battles at the stone bungalow.

Thursday 20th June

I slept all morning and a good part of the afternoon too. the weather was perfect for it. I do delight in sleeping to the sound of rain. It’s strange a tooth infection can knock me out like this, though my body is fighting back, just like a stomach bug or chest infection

That’s it, there were two more days at the cottage but I don’t really remember them. Last night I finished a writing course and am currently working on a couple of pieces I want to submit to the anthology they’ll be putting together. I want to get back into the habit of documenting my wordcount each time I write.

Thanks for reading folks, get vaccinated, stay safe if you can.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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