Tales Of Woe

Life is starting to settle a little. It’s been long enough since my cancer scare and subsequent hospital visit (in which they stuck a camera up my nose) that my body and mind are finding a way back to ‘normal’.

I finished A Graphic Novel today, Vicious Creatures Nine tales of Woe and Misadventure by Sarah Gordon. It was a valentines present, backed by my husband on Kickstarter. A tome Full of unrelenting tragedies, gothic fairy tales and haunting ghost stories. Thinking back on it I see that all of these tales are female driven. Sex, Death, Fate, Regret and Ecstasy all wrapped around a woman’s body. There is no hero, we are all villains. Some more so than others.

Reading has caught me again. I’ve read more in these last two months than all of last year. Books pull me into different worlds, their narratives set in neat black letters. Complex, strange, and heart-breaking but altogether whole. The completeness soothes something deep down in me. A solid place to stand despite the ongoing chaos and pain of this world.

Maybe I’ll start writing creatively again soon, for now reading is a decent substitute.

Today I wrote 272 words

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