I am reading Pet by Akwaeke Emezi. Within the first two chapters it has sensitively and honesty portrayed the experience of a selectively mute black trans girl in a utopian future. Such quick work but I’m already absorbed. why do I think it’s so hard to write minority characters? I’m scared to go back to my work and see how inadequate it is. I want to make the world better with my writing. I want my niece to see herself in literature and media. I want my nephew to know his sweet sensitivities are a beautiful. I want my future children to know I fought like hell against the system to make a better future.

Fantasy can and should reflect everyone. It can have a have a partially verbal girl who communicates with all her body. A boy who is scared of spiders and wants to grow his hair long. A woman who suffers from long term mental illness but can find happiness despite the thoughts clawing at her mind. A man who is chronically ill and so damn tired but feels like the luckiest person alive when he see’s his wife. A non-binary person who is not written to suffer or to teach but just exist. People are full and worthy, not despite their differences but because of them.

That’s the kind of story I want to tell.

Today I wrote 563 words

One thought on “Representation

  1. Love this x 1000. It’s been my goal for my work in progress novel to have a world with diversity in all regards, and have it be normal. There’s conflict, but not over the color of a character’s skin, who they love, etc.

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