Deadline Stress

I hate deadlines. That’s not true. I hate it when I’m unprepared for deadlines. This small piece of writing really doesn’t matter but every word is a struggle. This weeks assignment is to write about an overlooked place. I chose the spinney at the end of the road. the idea is to create a sense of belonging or not belonging. the problem is I feel like everything I’m writing is cliché or dull. I don’t have enough time to change it. ordinarily I would have given myself time to play with the narrative and characters but due to asthma and painful cramps I’ve left myself with a very tight deadline.

Tomorrow I will send this piece come what may. One of the course participants will read it and give a critique. If my brain can handle it I will finalise this draft today and edit like the wind tomorrow Hopefully I can find something I like in my writing between now and then.

Thanks for reading and wish me luck. Stay safe if you can

Today I wrote 483 words

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