Tough Week

Its been a tough week, my asthma was acting up, this is the first time in a while but it sure did kick in with a vengeance. My throat was ragged the next day and my ribs hurt. Thankfully it abated enough for me to enjoy the second workshop, Out On The Borders. This week we discussed setting and the ways in which a character can belong or not, who the space is designed for and what effect that has on those who do not fit that mould.

One piece we were asked to write was themed around the kitchen. There were some fascinating ideas. The space of the kitchen is evocative and setting a scene there can be packed with so much emotion. Our writing assignment for this week is to pick a location that is perhaps overlooked in your local area and have a character there who either has a sense of belonging or feels they do not belong.

Thanks for reading folx, stay safe if you can

Earlier this week I wrote 814 words

Today I wrote 876 words

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