A Masters?

This writing course has stirred up an old familiar longing, to head back into academia. Namely A Creative Writing MA. Having been exposed to new writing and given assignments I am eager for more. I just received feedback for the short piece Home. After a few butterflies I opened the email. It was a pleasant surprise. Mostly positive with only a couple of notes which I can easily work on.

I took a few creative writing courses during my BA, University was an incredibly stressful time for me. I handed in pieces late, fell apart at the slightest criticism and generally suffered horribly with mental illnesses. Still I love to learn.

Now, I have more practice with deadlines and understand how my brain operates. My mental health has vastly improved and I am in a steady and calm environment. And if I do end up with an adhd diagnosis any treatment I receive can only help matters. I haven’t written much recently as I’ve been a bit under the weather. Tomorrow is the next session of the course, very much looking forward to it and the next assignment!

Thanks for reading folx, stay safe if you can

Today I wrote 210 words

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