Spooky Tales

On Saturday I took my first step back into the writing world with a Micro Writer’s retreat from Out on the Page. Just a small group taking time out of the week to get some writing done, all online of course. it was wonderful meeting fellow writers and learning what others are up to. I worked on a spooky piece ready Halloween, I plan to write a series of short stories all based in the same forest. This one focused on a corps of disgruntled silver birch. I’ve only two more scenes to write, hopefully I will finish the first draft tomorrow. My next short story will be about a group of mischievous will-o’-the-wisps. The next retreat is on Halloween, I am booked in for that too. If nothing else it means I will write for three hours at least once a month.

Thanks for reading folx, stay safe if you can

Today I wrote 265 words

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