Normal is a nebulous term, particularly now-a-days. Three weeks into Sertraline reduction and my mood is beginning to stabilise. I no longer feel depressed mid-afternoon and have so much more energy and focus. Sure there are highs and lows, pain hits harder and happy times leave me dancing about the room. One amazing result of lowering my dose is a huge improvement in my asthma, I hardly need to take a reliever now. There isn’t much research into asthma and sertraline but a few cases have shown a correlation between bronchial issues and high doses.

Hopefully now I’m feeling a bit more myself I can post more regularly and kick start my writing. On saturday I am attending a mini retreat online with Out On The Page. this should give me a solid few hours of focused writing.

Thanks for reading Folx, Stay safe if you can.

Today I wrote 450 words

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