Touch is Complicated

Dabble is still working well for me, I’ve transferred another scene and wrote up scene notes for character, locations and plot points. A very clean layout. Scrivener is still my favourite for developing plot and writing but Dabble works very well for revising.

For the past few days I’ve been suffering from a nasty cold. I’m considering getting tested as it only came about after celebrating my sisters 18th with the family. Generally i’m pretty isolated because of asthma but had to make an exception for my baby sister’s birthday. My niece turned five a couple of days before that so it was a bit of a joint do. the little ones are struggling to understand safety, as some regulations have lessened and others haven’t. I can’t wait to hug those tiny humans again. they are such physical beings. Photo’s from last year popped up on my phone, We’re snuggled up reading a book, we would sometimes sneak away for a quiet read when the celebrations got too overwhelming. just five or ten minutes of calm with a book. I wanted to do that this year, having brought her a selection of books including couple of Little People Big Dreams books, Harriet Tubman and Rudolf Nureyev. they are beautifully presented biographies of important figures for children. the complex issues told simply for children.Whilst we were waiting for my little sister to turn up the kids were going a bit wild and it would have been perfect timing for a little bit of reading. However touch is so complicated now, I just couldn’t risk it.

Someone asked me if I would take the Covid jab when it’s available. the question took me by surprise. I’m longing for the vaccine to be ready. Any after effects have to be better than catching a full blown version. Maybe I’m being naive but I trust the scientific community to create a safe vaccine. One day the corona virus will be controlled and I can snuggle up and read with my niece again. I just hope it’s not too far away.

Thanks for reading folx, stay safe if you can

Today I wrote 368 words

Today I revised 453 words

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