Better Late Than Never?

It was shocking that this happened to begin with. It was ridicules that the BBC defended the use of the word. It took the resignation of a young black man, David Whitley (AKA DJ sideman), and thousands of complaints for the higher ups at the BBC to realise that it is not okay to use racist inflammatory language and issue an apology. The severity of a hate crime can be expressed without causing further harm. At least the complaint system appears to have made a difference even if it is only for appearances.

Its been a strange old week. today my sister received her A.Level results, she has the required grades to get into her favoured university. she deserves it, she works incredibly hard despite huge anxiety. unfortunately she does not have a sense of achievement having not taken exams. My husband has been terribly ill with an undiagnosed stomach issue. The awful neighbours decided to burn plastic so my asthma has been terrible and I had to start a round of steroids. Hopefully next week will be better.

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