World Building

Today I spent an hour or so going through the BITE Model in order to map out the rules and beliefs the authorities in my novel instil and enforce. The BITE model is a test laid out by Steven Hassan to see if an organisation is a cult. I spoke about this a little in my last post, it stands for Behaviour, Information, Thought and Emotional Control. So far I’ve gone through Thought and Information control. It took a little while to get into the flow of things because the majority of cult like thinking comes from religious beliefs, think Children of God, Heaven’s Gate, Mormonism and Jehovah’s Witnesses. However, I want to approach the authorities in my novel through a secular lense whilst still using the ideas of Insider V. Outsider, control over everyday choices, purity culture and the threat of shunning. Just going through the first two has really helped flesh out the world.

I have to thank a couple of Atheist youtubers for this idea, Generally I don’t stray too close to the atheist side of youtube as there’s a lot of toxic masculinity and anti-SJW people there. however these two are inclusive and entertaining. Firstly Telltale, a Jehovah’s witness apostate who commonly assess different organisations based on the BITE Model. Secondly Jimmy Snow, an Ex-Mormon activist who campaigns for GRSM (LGBTQ+) rights.

Thanks for reading folx, stay safe out there

Today I wrote 594 words

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