Just A Word Count Update

Today has been surprisingly busy so i'm just going to write this super quick post. In half an hour i'll be attending a webinar!! Eek. Not super sure how it will go, but hey what have i got to loose right? This one is about overcoming overthinking, so i am going to try and not … Continue reading Just A Word Count Update

World Building

Today I spent an hour or so going through the BITE Model in order to map out the rules and beliefs the authorities in my novel instil and enforce. The BITE model is a test laid out by Steven Hassan to see if an organisation is a cult. I spoke about this a little in … Continue reading World Building

Learning about Cults?

I've not much to say today. I'm sleepy and have a nagging pain about my shoulder. Life has felt a little busier, and dare I say it, a bit more hopeful, as of late. Perhaps there will be an eventual end to this lockdown? Recently I've been watching a lot of youtube around cult mentality, … Continue reading Learning about Cults?

Slow Progress is Still Progress

Today I set a fifteen-minute timer and let my mind loose on an unwritten scene. A release from the minutia of revision, I'd like to set more time aside for this, a chance to let the characters develop organically through dialogue and action. If you've been following me you'll know I have set up a … Continue reading Slow Progress is Still Progress