Reaching out to family and friends has been a massive boost for my mental health, I saw my little sister for the first time since lockdown, at a Social distance of course. It was exceptionally hard not to hug her. I left the stress of getting tea and cake to my husband. An incredible amount of thought has to go into something as simple as pouring a drink.

The next day I had a phone call with my best friend. Sharing our worries and frustrations, particularly when it comes to the BLM Movement and Covid-19, was cathartic, it helped me feel not so alone in this chaos. She told me about Feminism, Interrupted: Disrupting Power by Lola Olufemi and I recommended Me and White Supremacy by Layla F. Saad

The day before yesterday my sister came over with her children. Seeing my niece and nephew put a smile on my face that lasted well after they left. Those two goofs make me beyond happy and are better at social distancing than a lot of adults are. We had a picnic and a walk about the paddocks, the children served us imaginary ice-cream from behind a fence and raced about the garden like it was their own.

Before my flurry of social interaction I had suffered with a migraine and sickness bug. Writing, and most other things have taken a back seat, yesterday I set to work marking up characters, plot points and locations for my novel. Not writing but useful nevertheless. I may do more of that today but the heat is turning me to a dopey puddle so perhaps not.

Thanks for reading,

Today I wrote 630 words

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