Making Time To Write

I’ve followed a couple of courses from Reedsy in the past the first being How to Craft a Killer Short Story by Laura Mae Isaacman, it was very useful in exploring new ways to craft short stories. I’ve also signed up for Build a Rock Solid Writing Routine, though have been terribly neglectful in reading the emails. Seeing as today I am creating a new, more realistic, schedule for my week, it seemed appropriate to look closer at the course.

One thing I found useful in the past, and had completely forgotten about, was setting tiny rewards for myself. For example if I wrote two hundred and fifty words, time for a piece of chocolate. Five hundred words make a cup of tea, one thousand words I’d treat myself to a bath bomb or a set of cute buttons. The hard thing is trying to find rewards that don’t cost any money. I’ve a long list somewhere which helped me get through the first draft of my novel.

As I’m taking it easy today I didn’t want to start off with a big word count goal, instead I took another piece of advice from the course and set a timer for fifteen minutes and wrote without distractions. The idea is to track if the word count goes up with practise. Although I’ll be surprised if mine does, I’ve been writing roughly two hundred and fifty words in fifteen minutes for the past decade. Now if I could speed up my revising that would be really something. I should look for a course on revising.

Thanks for reading

Protect the time and space in which you write. Keep everybody away from it, even the people who are most important to you

Zadie Smith

Today I wrote 529 words

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