Public Speaking

Im struggling to get my brain back into gear. Something has stopped me from writing. be it insecurity or just plain sleepiness. Last week I submitted a piece to DD and since then I’ve barely written a thing. today i opened up my novel and remembered why. The next thing I need to write is a scene in which a very confident man gives a speech. I am terrible at any form public speaking, give me something to read off and several days of practise and I might just about make a passable attempt. This character however is comfortable in front of a crowd and knows how to hold himself. I’ve written many things for which I have little to no experience with, but, this scene has been a real stumbling block.

Preparation may be the key. I know the message he wants to put across, I’ve even written out the bare bones with key phrases. However, I just can’t seem to find the tone. How does one start a speech? Yes there are countless historical examples but they all start from a platform. This speech is important but given at a celebration. Four families from ruling classes meeting after strained relationships. I can phase in and out from my protagonists pov but I still need the full context. Wish me luck, I believe I will need to watch a fair few videos to get this right.

Stay safe, stay kind, stay home if you can

Today I wrote 450 words

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