Kind of emotional today as I put a lot of worry and sadness into a piece I’m writing for Dear Damsels. Their current theme is Connection. My not-so-little sister came to mind. I was around fifteen when she was born, we have an amazing relationship. being apart from her is one of the hardest things about social distancing. I held her when she was less than a day old and now she is taller than me and applying for university. I don’t tend to write autobiographical pieces, having suffered from mental illness I have to be careful delving into the past and falling back into negative coping mechanisms.

In the next paragraph I talk about my Eating Disorder please be mindful if this will trigger any negative thoughts.

DD will be publishing a themed collection of fiction based around food. I considered writing something but it kept circling back my ED. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with writing about mental illness, I do it all the time here. However, the publication is a wonderful celebration of food, family and tradition. Even though I’m pretty far into recovery, I’m now a healthy weight and eat regular meals, that’s a long way from being able to celebrate food. Maybe one day, but for now I need to do what will keep me safe and happy.

Thanks for reading, stay safe, stay kind, stay home if you can

Today I wrote 781 words

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