The past few days i’ve been rearranging my schedule, the previous one just wasn’t working for me anymore. Its only day one so we shall see but I’m feeling positive. Migraine struck again, probably something to do with the change in pressure. this time it only lasted nine hours so I’m not super sure I can call it a true migrain. A good nap chased it away.

In other news, I’ve discovered Dabble, a writing system with some incredible features. My favourite is a notes system for organising individual plot points within each scene. There aren’t as many features and tools as as Scrivener I would not us dabble alone but as an accompaniment to Scrivener it works excellently. The plotting tool alone has been invaluable. Dabble is a subscription service so not all that cheap but for me I think it will be worth it, Currently I’m transferring over the final draft scenes to dabble and typing up major plot points in each scene, whilst also taking the opportunity to re-read those scenes to see if I’ve missed anything. Another feature I love is the word count generator. Pop in your deadline and the word count and it will set out your words per day, you can even put in your off days, this will be particularly useful for short stories and feedback deadlines. As far as I know it is only an online tool, so this is an issue if you’ve not got access to the internet, however in this quarantine times that won’t be a problem. The syncing is a plus, as there is no chance to lose your work. I’ve been burned that way before.

Stay safe, stay kind, please stay home if you can

Today I wrote 393 words

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