Let’s Try This Again

It’s been a tough couple of days full of frustration, irritability and tension headaches. It turns out i was putting too much pressure on myself, not a huge revelation but it helped me get a few things sorted. The daunting prospect of unknown weeks without social contact got to me. It comes in waves. Some days it’s fine and others I’m completely overwhelmed. Mixing up the routine helped me from staying in one place and letting the day go by whilst letting my phone and laptop distract me from troubling thoughts. Now I am up showered and dressed before breakfast, whereas before I had breakfast before getting a shower. This lead me to staying in bed until lunch with maybe a snuggly cat or two. Today has been a prodictive day, though i noticed I flagged at 2.00pm. its the same time everyday so I will put in a proper rest there for tomorrow, or maybe just before

Thanks for reading, Stay safe, stay kind, stay home if you can

Today I wrote 1053 words

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