I’m Trying

Lordy it’s hard to get into routine again. I’m now steroid free and my asthma is pretty well controlled. However, I am also not likely to be dressed before midday. However, yesterday I did a bit of reading from The Emotional Craft of Fiction exploring the ways in which to portray a characters emotions. It took a lot out of me, particularly as I wasn’t wearing my tinted lenses, for Dyslexia. I had a literal headache after finishing nine pages. I used to wear my contact lenses a lot more so didn’t get my tinted glasses with a prescription. I’ve just ordered a set of tinted overlays for when I’m wearing my regular glasses.

Today I wrote a post on my sister blog Today I Made, fingers crossed I get out of bed before midday tomorrow and write something creative. I miss vanishing into a better world. I have been neglecting my writer’s group too, having not given any feedback for a couple of weeks, let alone sending anything to be critiqued. Nor have I attending my online pilates class. There’s a safety in isolation, a cushionioning from the complications of life outside my bubble. Necessary or at least inevitable when I was suffering with asthma and steroid side effects. It’s all too tempting to remain there, to shrink my world. Posting here helps, it keeps me connected, accountable.

Stay safe, Stay kind, Stay home if you can

Today I wrote 624 words

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