A Rest Day

Today I shan't be writing anything besides this tiny post. its been a bit of an emotional morning so I'm going to take it easy. However, yesterday I wrote a fair amount. Finally breaking the back of this scene. It is close to being done. Well see how it goes tomorrow Yesterday I wrote: 904 … Continue reading A Rest Day

Public Speaking

Im struggling to get my brain back into gear. Something has stopped me from writing. be it insecurity or just plain sleepiness. Last week I submitted a piece to DD and since then I've barely written a thing. today i opened up my novel and remembered why. The next thing I need to write is … Continue reading Public Speaking


Kind of emotional today as I put a lot of worry and sadness into a piece I'm writing for Dear Damsels. Their current theme is Connection. My not-so-little sister came to mind. I was around fifteen when she was born, we have an amazing relationship. being apart from her is one of the hardest things … Continue reading Connections

Let’s Try This Again

It's been a tough couple of days full of frustration, irritability and tension headaches. It turns out i was putting too much pressure on myself, not a huge revelation but it helped me get a few things sorted. The daunting prospect of unknown weeks without social contact got to me. It comes in waves. Some … Continue reading Let’s Try This Again

Up Before Noon

I did it! I spent about an hour writing this morning. Starting off with a bit of handwritten notes working from The Emotional Craft of Fiction, then transferring those notes into a pivotal scene. It was a pleasant surprise to find I had already integrated a lot of what the author, Mass, had recommend. Though … Continue reading Up Before Noon

I’m Trying

Lordy it's hard to get into routine again. I'm now steroid free and my asthma is pretty well controlled. However, I am also not likely to be dressed before midday. However, yesterday I did a bit of reading from The Emotional Craft of Fiction exploring the ways in which to portray a characters emotions. It … Continue reading I’m Trying