Damn It Asthma, Could You Not?

I wish my body wasn’t at the whim of various ailments. Days after recovering from a hellish migraine asthma kicked in yet again. Another course of steroids started yesterday. I despise the combo of low oxygen levels and steroid induced manic moods. Plus the debilitating pain in my rib cage caused by the strain of breathing. If by the end of this course my peak flow and other symptoms have not improved I’ll need to call the doctors. though I’ve no clue what they’ll do what with the pandemic. there’s no way i will leave my home. If I catch Covid 19 my lungs will not cope.

Another mildly frustrating aspect of all this is that I still have not received a letter as a vulnerable person. I know the I fit the category of Severe Asthma and need to be sheltered but have received no communication at all from the NHS or government. I know this is the case with other severe asthma sufferers too. It’s as though the government has forgotten about us. As a group we are not more likely to contract the virus but the results of contracting the virus would be absolutely catastrophic. I’m lucky that I have people who can go to the shops for me and collect my prescriptions. I hate to think how people are managing without that support network.

As you can imagine, i’ve not written at all recently, just focused on keeping myself healthy. Before asthma struck I was working of a few sewing projects, I hope to get a little post out for my makes over on my sister site Today I Made. In the meantime heres a sneak peak of my Moneta Dress

Thanks for reading, today was just a rant, maybe these steroids will kick in quickly and ill start to feel a bit more like myself.

Stay safe x

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