Getting Back Into It

I had a late start to the day, anxiety has spiked for some reason. Yesterday I gave feedback for writers group. It took a lot of brain power. Missing two weeks affected me far more than I thought. I enjoy giving a critique, it’s a fun way to learn how to be a better writer whilst at the same time helping others. However, yesterday I kept second guessing and doubting myself. My self esteem has taken a hit and I couldn’t help thinking that my feedback was useless. I steeled myself and sent it nonetheless.

This morning I spent time outside in the sun, I sat with the cats watching frogs and newts laze atop the pond. Hopefully now my migraine has passed I’ll be able to get back into a daily routine. Today I wrote another scene in which I develop the relationship between Mother and Daughter. Writing came fairly easy, I’m getting to grips with both of their points of view.

Today I wrote 442 words

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