The past few days I’ve been struggling with stomach cramps. hot water bottle and curled up in bed. Writing didn’t happen, or at least not much. the hour change was a pain in the ass too. If there was any year we could all collectively ignore British Summer Time it’s this one. What does it even matter if we can’t leave the house!

I have been enjoying the freedom that comes with writing, I can go anywhere without leaving my room. It’s a little get away from reality. I’m very much missing my family and friends still. I chatted with my Sister and her children yesterday. My niece tried to hug me through the screen and it just about broke my heart.

This morning I was fleshing out the family relationships in my novel, specifically Mother and Daughter. The mother character will be absent for the majority of my story. There are a lot of bonds to fit into very little time. I want it to be a happy relationship without accidentally creating an unrealistic ‘perfect’ mother figure.

Stay safe everyone

Today I wrote 396 words

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