Virtual Birthday Party And Character Motivation

It’s a bit of a late post tonight. today is my mum’s birthday and we’ve been having fun playing virtual board games, Saboteur to be precise. We managed to get the whole family together for a games night. Earlier in the day we sang happy birthday with the two grandchildren. They had a cupcake each with a candle and mum had a cake made by my little sister. It’s not the same but it is good. There are presents waiting for her in my room. So she had something to ‘open’ on the day I sent her a couple of kindle books by Kirsty Logan. One I’ve read, The Gracekeepers and the other, The Gloaming, I am Itching to read.

I got a fair bit written today. I’m pleased with how the characters are developing. it’s incredibly useful if i’m stuck in a scene to write out what each characters motivations are. The matriarch of the family is an incredibly powerful, however her goals are antithetical to my protagonists. As my novel is in first person it’s all too easy to for me to write the grandmother as unreasonable and cantankerous. this would do her character a great disservice. Her reasons are valid, though her reasoning is kept mostly secret.

Today I Wrote 529 words

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