A Good Morning Spent Writing And Revising

Life feels a little easier today. I know many wise people are saying in these times we shouldn’t put pressure on ourselves to get everything done. I agree. However, I need to do things in order to feel like i’m in control. Writing helps me. Sewing helps me. Doing exercises helps me. It’s all in balance. most of my routine has been taken from me due to social distancing. I aim to focus on the things I can still do.

Today I was able to get to the computer before ten in the morning. My routine is getting there. get up, do pilates, breakfast, shower, cup of tea then write til lunch. I worked on the latest scene before realising that I hadn’t set up the relationships and expectations of my main characters. I went back and found a way to add motivations to the previous scenes. I had known these motivations all along but I realised the reader would have no clue. Attempting to shoehorn them in to this one scene felt clumsy and unrealistic . I have been working on this part for a while. It’s not surprising really. I’m my protagonist to a new environment and society. Not to mention the three new characters who will shape the novel through their relationships with my protagonist.

Another useful thing I did today was putting the day on each setting heading as a quick reference. The start of my novel runs through day one in a fair bit of detail, nine scenes to be precise, each approximately between five hundred and a thousand words. The next five scenes cross four days before settling on the next major event which has eight scenes over roughly twelve hours. A pleasing pattern, which gives priority to key events.

 Stay safe and be kind to yourself and others.

Today I wrote 763 words

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