It’s Beginning To Hit Home

I have taken the virus seriously since it began. Not because i’m incredibly altruistic or restrained. I seriously feared for my life due to asthma. I am also privileged because I’m not currently in work, so there were no difficult decisions to make. On wednesday my anxiety reached new peaks. My husband was tired through the day and took a nap. He awoke to his foot numb and colourless. After being on hold with 111 for half an hour we got through to someone. It felt a lot longer at the time, but honestly in this crisis, half an hour isn’t bad. Unfortunately he had to go into A&E.

I spent the time he was away in a state of acute anxiety. There were no Covid or suspected cases being admitted to this hospital, temperature and blood pressure were taken at the door and there was hand sanitiser aplenty. Overall it was far safer than going to a supermarket. Still when he came back he went straight to the shower and changed clothes. I felt sick the whole time he was gone. I can’t even imagine how partners of those in the NHS must feel. And we’re only just beginning.

Before the madness ensued on wednesday I did a little writing, somewhere around 200 words I believe. It felt good I managed to to get the setting laid out for the scene. Today I was working on a guest post for the small fabric shop I volunteer with, Crafty Sew & So. It will be up on their Crafty Bloggers Club and some point in the not so distant future. My husband and I had fun out in his parents garden taking lots of photos. Here’s a sneak peak of my make.

the business is having to change a lot with social distancing. obviously the physical shop is closed, however they are still selling fabric and patterns online. I’m very excited to try out some of their online workshops too. they really are a wonderful bunch of people and I miss going into the shop regularly. Sewing is one of the things that will get me through this time, its therapeutic and there’s a great sense of accomplishment finishing a garment. If I’m stuck with writing I’ll often whip something up and show it off to my crafty friends.

Thanks for reading , this blog has turned into a journal and I’m just going to roll with it. Stay safe and be kind to yourself and others.

Today I wrote 856 words.

Oh incase you were worried, my husband is okay, turned out it was gout! Gout! He’s vegetarian and doesn’t drink so…unusual? He’s got a round of meds and will see or speak with the doctor in a week.

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