Shaking But Writing

My heart is beating hard. If I let my hands still for a moment they tremble. Stinging eyes, head pounding, stomach cramping and my tongue is thick with white film. These delightful symptoms are all down to the latest batch of steroids. For over a fortnight I’ve existed on an exhausting jittery energy.

I’ve finished the course now, I just have to wait for the side effects to pass, and hope to hell my asthma doesn’t worsen again. If you’ve read any of my previous posts you’ll now I’m already self-isolating. I chose to earlier than most as my lungs would not be able to cope with the coronavirus. In all honesty I’m not sure what I would do if my asthma worsens now. I suppose a phone call appointment? My thoughts are jumbled, it’s hard to write coherently.

Today I managed to write, sure it was mostly copying up hand-written notes but that counts. I sat at my desk and typed. There are more words in my novel than there were yesterday. I made it outside this morning too. That’s another achievement. The sun was shining and it lit a spark of optimism.

Today has been good for communication too, I had a good chat with my best friend and wished my mum a happy mother’s day. Things will get easier when these drugs have left my system but for now I shall go take paracetamol and have a long nap. I leave you with a photo of Lanni enjoying the sun.

Today I wrote 455 words

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