Does Drawing Count As Writing?

Yesterday and this morning I have been focusing on giving readings for my Thursday writing group. It’s become an online group since Covid-19. Technically i suppose there’s no point keeping to one day, however I shall be continue to give my feedback on a thursday. I do well with routine and deadlines. I’m not sure anyone would get my critique if i was left without that structure. It also helps me cling to a semblance of normality.

After emailing my feedback i tried to crack on with my novel. The screen swimming in and out of focus. Black text like a swarm of midges. I closed scrivener and opened chrome. the setting was far from complete in my mind, I searched floor-plans for a grand ballroom. A surprising difficult task. In the end I stumbled across the Parade Halls of Alexander Palace.

I scribbled my own sketch of the ballroom, the tall windows and terrace is a beautiful detail which I shall be using in my scene. I am rather ill today so that will probably be the lot. hopefully tomorrow I will be able to focus a little more. Now it is time to nap.

Today I Wrote 403 words

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