Social Distancing

Becoming socially distant sounds like something my therapist would warn against, a red flag for worsening depression. The world has changed. It’s only been a week since I was deciding whether to stay home or go to work. Now it looks like I may well be ‘shielding’ myself for at least 12 weeks. I am officially a vulnerable person.

So I made a plan. A simple routine that will keep me safe and sane. Essentially it consists of writing, crafting, sewing, playing games with my husband, and skyping with friends and family. Staying home is just fine with me. I’m an introvert, home is my safe space. However, keeping away from the people I love is already becoming a struggle. My little sister is a major part of my life. We support and care for each other and barely spend more than a week apart. I’m already missing her.

It’s also going to be really hard not seeing my older sister and her two children. They bring me so much happiness. My niece, four years old, is an explosion of laughter, love and determination. She’s wonderfully expressive and caring, her face lights up when she makes someone laugh. The boy, two years old, is a force of nature, a mini whirlwind of activity. He will copy everything I say, then play about with a sentence until he has it just right. He has an incredible love of words, everytime I see him he’s learned something new and can’t wait to show it off.

I could go on forever writing about each person I love and miss. Technology will help, I know. However, there is something about human contact, skin to skin, that cannot be reproduced through a video call. A hug from my mum, a tiny hand on my cheek, foreheads touching. These small actions won’t be gone forever but for now I’m going to mourn them.

I have written little bits over the last week, it’s been mostly journalling. I’ve no idea the word-count. today I speant the morning writing, and hope to continue. I can Revise a novel in twelve weeks right guys?

Today I Wrote 805 words

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