Scene Structure

I’m still in that steroid induced haze of hot flushes and headaches that follows any severe episode of asthma. It’s hard to keep thoughts straight. Today I worked on the structure of four scenes, following a guide in On Editing by Helen Corner-Bryant and Kathryn Price.

  1. Brief scene setting
  2. Establishing characters goal
  3. Action, dialogue or interaction leading to conflict.
  4. Success or failure/ resolution of the scene
  5. Cementing or reflecting on the change that has taken place

It’s only a rough guide but I find it really helpful. I’ve yet to read the entirety of the book but what i’ve learned so far has been invaluable. I tend to lean toward over-writing, editing a scene with the important elements clearly laid out makes it easier to tighten my writing.

Today I wrote 367 words

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