Getting Back Into Routine

I love a routine. there’s a predictable sequence of events which leads me to falling out of my patterns. , Sometimes it’s caused by Illness, mental or physical, or a major upheaval like the recent renovations to the house. there are innumerable stresses that can shatter my illusion of control. Whatever the cause. the same thing happens. I get stuck. late mornings, missed meals, days wasted or filled with manic activity. In short my mental health suffers. Poor mental health makes it more difficult to pull myself out of the rut.

Yesterday I realised it would be quite some time until I can move back into my house, leading to the revelation I had been waiting for the house to be finished before getting back into routine. My husband and I are currently at his parents house and although the room is huge my things – writing drawing and reading – were all piled up in a corner. Being the wonderful human being he is, my husband cleared his things and procured a writing desk from the shed. Now my things are neatly stored in draws and I spent the morning writing at the desk.

I know this post was a bit rambling and probably riddled with mistakes, I’m still getting myself back into a healthy space. If you made it this far, thanks for reading. It is my plan to post most days after a morning of writing.

Today I wrote 640 words

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