It’s In My Nature

My mood is unpredictable. Extreme lows and hours of lethargy come before obsessive bouts of activity. Its difficult to find balance. Yesterday I began writing a piece for Dear Damsels on the theme nature. The words came in a flurry. laptop on my knees, rain and wind beat at the windows. Dark thoughts colouring each line. Wild days bring a strange kind of comfort. The thrill of darkening skies, rain so thick it’s like drowning. Wind whipping the trees into a violent cacophony. Nature’s wrath a mirror to the chaos too big to keep contained in my fragile body.

Writing is how I make sense of my feelings. The straightest path to my thoughts. Now it is difficult to separate the stories I want to tell from the stream of consciousness that spills onto the page.

Today I Wrote 211 Words

Yesterday I Wrote 403 Words

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